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Simply Moto supports all motorcycle riders. Whatever you ride, or whatever you need, we can help you out. We don't cater to one style of bike or rider. 

Our goal is to provide you and your ride of choice with quality, trusted motorcycle gear, apparel, parts and accessories. We carry a wide variety of established industry brands.

How do we do this? Well, we stock all the regular items - gloves, helmets, jackets, footwear, goggles, cleaners, oils, filters, grips, off-road gear and more. And we order items into the shop based on what you need from our catalogues. 

There are literally thousands of items we can bring in. This gives you variety in finding items that are unique to you and your bike.  Motorcycle parts and accessories are ordered in multiple times a week so if you need a new part, let us know and we will add it to our order. 

Some motorcycle apparel, parts and accessories are discontinued as new catalogues are released. Call, visit us in Grimsby or email for inventory availability.

If you need help navigating the catalogues, drop us a line. We can help.

 Simply Moto has been making the offline shopping experience more fun since 2018! Plus, you can ride your bike here so it's an adventure.

View of open road from the perspective of a motorcycle rider showing speedometer and handlebars.

View of open road from the perspective of a motorcycle rider showing speedometer and handlebars. 


Rider shown wearing ICON Airflite Helmet and ICON Battlescar Merc jacket

Riding Gear - Street and MX

We have a street and a motocross area for riders to shop and explore.

We stock street motorcycle jackets (leather and textile), motorcycle helmets (half, 3/4 and full), motorcycle gloves (leather and textile), armour, eyewear and a limited selection of riding pants and footwear. 

And then we have neat things like compression safety pants. 

Our motocross area includes jerseys, pants, goggles, helmets and some footwear. Note: youth gear in stock as well.

ATV and Snow gear is mingled in the MX area and most heated gear is ordered into the store. Once you see the physical space, you will understand the logic here. 

Brands we carry include: Alpinestars, Biltwell, Bobster, Edge Eyewear, HJC, ICON, Leatt, Five, Progrip, Shoei, Shot, TCX, Thor, Torc, Z1R, 100%

Bottom line, if we don't have the item in stock we can order it in - and that's usually a turnaround of a day or two if it's in the warehouse. 

Chemicals & Lubricants + Filters

We stock a variety of oils, cleaners and chemicals for your street bike, dirt bike, ATV, Snowmobile. 

Brands we carry include: Amsoil, Bel-Ray, Liqui Moly, Maxima Racing Oils, Motorex, Motul, S&S, S100

We have K&N filters in stock for most street and dirt bikes and we stock Drag Specialties filters for cruiser bikes. 

Parts (including Tires)

With the variety of bikes out there, we limit in-store stock to bars, chains and grips. We have swingarm spools, metric nuts & bolt packs and other small goodies in the store as well. 

That said, we order in most parts for pick up. We get 4 deliveries a week so any part you need is likely to be delivered within a day or two. We do this because of the variety of bikes of our customers.

We have specific catalogues for Offroad and Street bikes, including dedicated books for Cruiser bikes, too. ATV / UTV and Snowmobile part books are in the shop as well.  

We are connected with multiple suppliers for new model bikes as well as retro bikes. 

In stock brands include: Biltwell, ODI, Renthal


We can get you a new exhaust, lighting assemblies, seats, mirrors, luggage, foot pegs and more. It's actually overwhelming how many options are available ... if you are looking to upgrade, we would be happy to spend the time with you figuring out the options that work for you, your ride and your budget. 

For instance, if you are looking to customize your ride - even simple things like changing bars, it means you might need cables and grips so plan on spending some time at the parts counter to make an informed decision. 

Some of the brands we order in: Biltwell, Drag Specialties, Kuryakin, Yoshimura ... honestly, there are so many options and depending on your bike, it may or may not apply. We will point you in the right direction. 

Casual Apparel

Always in stock: 

  • T-shirts for men, women and a limited selection for youth.
  • Men's pit shirts
  • Women's tank tops
  • Hoodies (zip and pullover)
  • Casual jackets 

We have a few racks of casual apparel in the shop and the inventory is constantly changing. 

We carry sizes from XS to 3X as we can get them.

In stock brands: Alpinestars, Biltwell, Factory Effex, ICON, Lethal Angel, Lethal Threat, Thor, Vintage Velocity

The People

James is our resident Parts & Accessories guru. He's a good guy. We like him. He will always take the time to look up the parts you need and provide options for you to review.  His passion for motorcycles, his mechanical background and his customer service will make you glad you spent the time talking moto with James.

Karen is able to help you find gear in the store. She also excels at t-shirt selection. Trust us. She is also an avid reader and knows the incredible volume of catalogues almost inside out... so if you are looking for something and you don't see it in the store, we bet Karen can find it. She also manages the social media channels so if you have an event or want to share your custom work, get in touch! 

Our Mission

What We Offer

We are a boutique motorcycle gear, parts, apparel and accessories store located in beautiful downtown Grimsby, Ontario.  We've also been called an urban shop. You know the type, small space, fun design, lots of products and a comfortable place to hang out.  

We strive to help ALL riders with their gear, parts and accessories needs. While our main selection in store is motorcycles and dirt bikes, we also order in gear, parts and accessories for ATVs and Snowmobiles.

Our goal is to help you get what you need - for you and your ride. Sometimes that's just info. And we are happy to chat moto and look up items for you. We keep adding suppliers to ensure we can assist you in your search. 

We have access to lots of parts, apparel and accessories and can have them shipped to our location for you at no additional charge. So if we don't have an item in stock, we can order it in for you. 

Keep in mind, products sell out so it's always subject to availability. 

Be sure to check out the catalogue links  to see how much stuff we can get for you. It's overwhelming, we know. So if you'd rather have us look up the info and send you details we can do that, too. 

Our Difference

We support female riders and we know how hard it is to find gear that defines your style and actually fits. This is a constant struggle. And we believe you shouldn't compromise.  

Half our in-store riding stock is dedicated to  women's gear. We work hard to bring in items that are functional and fashionable (and not pink, unless that's the colour you'd like). From jackets to footwear we understand that the fit is different. So we constantly look for ways to improve our product selection and offerings for female riders. 

We also have a large selection of men's apparel and gear, and youth off road gear and apparel. 

Why We Do It

If you've ever ridden a bike, any bike, you know why. 


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In The Area?

Need A Pit Stop?

During business hours we stock a cooler full of water if you need one! Stop by our Grimsby store and relax on our comfy chairs. Limited space but a great view of all our motorcycle gear! If you need java, we can direct you to the best coffee shop in town just down the street. 

Got An Empty Water Bottle?

Our water bottle drive returns in the spring! 

Thank you for your support to build barrier bags at Welland County Motorcycle Club & Speedway. 

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